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World Emoji Day

world, emoji, day, emojis

Date When Celebrated : always July 17

 Emojis were first used in Japan in the late 1990s on mobile phones. They are fun to use. As a result, their popularity and use has grown exponentially. Today, you couldn't imagine a world without emojis.

In the last few years, major corporations have gotten into the act, creating an enormous assortment of emojis for us to use for almost any emotion or occasion. Retail outlets have also joined the fun. You can find emojis on all sorts of products, from stationery to T-shirts, to pillows.

Emojis have their roots in the yellow smiley of the 1960s and 1970s.. Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963. Harvey's smiley also gained world-wide popularity.

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It is very easy to participate in the special day. Get on your smart phone and add an emoji to all of the texts you send today. Chances are, you already do that every day on many of your texts.

world, emoji, day, images

The Origin of World Emoji Day:

Jeremy Burge created Emojipedia in 2013. He followed that up, by creating World Emoji Day in 2014.

world, emoji, day

It is very appropriate for this to be a "World" day, as emojis are popular around the world.

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