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National Postal Worker Day

pony express mail carrier

Date When Celebrated :

United States - Always July 1 st

United Kingdom - Always December 14

Show your appreciation and thanks to all the postal workers you meet today, as it is National Postal Worker Day.

When we think about postal workers, postal carriers usually comes to mind. These are the men and women who deliver the mail to you by vehicle or walking, six days a week, under all kinds of weather. Carriers certainly should get recognition today. But, this is a day to show appreciation for all postal workers, about 490,000 workers in the United States, and over 120,000 in the U.K. They include the clerks behind the counter, mail sorters, truck drivers, management, and a wide range of other jobs at the Postal Service.  

Did You Know? Postal carriers who walk their routes, typically walk 4 to 8 miles per day, with a full bag of mail.

How to Celebrate National Postal Worker Day

postal mail carrier

It's easy to participate. Express your thanks to any and all postal workers that you meet. These workers are neither asking nor expecting a gift. Just let them know that they are appreciated. A thank you card is nice touch.

Origin of National Postal Worker Day:

In the United States, this special holiday was created in 1997 by Seattle, Washington postal worker Richard E. Baker. Richard simply wanted to honor his hard working fellow employees.

Neither congress, nor the President of the United States has proclaimed a national day for postal workers. Postal workers do not get this day off. Let's change that. Write your local congressman and the President of the U.S., to voice your support for National Postal Worker Day.

Less information is available on National Postal Worker Day in the U.K. Similar to the U.S., we did not find any proclamation from the U.K government or the queen mum.

Poeatal Carrier Mail Man

Definition of "National" Days

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