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Ice Cream Soda Day

Date When Celebrated : Always July 20 th

Today is National Ice Cream Soda Day. Ice cream sodas are a real summertime treat. Enjoying an ice cream soda is a great way to cool down during the Dog Days of Summer. But, don't limit your consumption of this frothy drink to just summer months. Ice cream sodas can and should be enjoyed every month of the year. 

The ice cream soda was first made in 1874 by Robert Green, a vendor at the the Philadelphia Jamboree celebrating the city's 150 anniversary. He ran out of ice, and began to put a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream into the sodas he served. He later claimed the idea for ice cream sodas came to him in a dream. Regardless of which story caused him to put ice cream into a glass of soda, we are so glad he did!

Did You Know? There is only one person in the entire world who has the following words engraved on his tombstone " Originator of Ice Cream Sodas". And, you guessed it, he's Robert Green.

What does it take to enjoy and celebrate this special day? All you need is a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream, your favorite soda, and a straw.

Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day!

The Origin of National Ice Cream Soda Day:

While we know that Robert Green created the ice cream soda in 1874, we do not know who created this special day or when. But, we are glad they did!

We found no congressional record, nor presidential proclamation, which is required to make this a true "national" day.

Definition of "National" Days

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