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Global Hug Your Kids Day

global, hug, hugs, hugging, kids, day

Date When Celebrated : Third Monday of July

 Global Hug Your Kids Day is a day you can get your arms around. The purpose of this day is simple...... give your kids a hug or two, so they know you love them. Use a hug to let them enjoy the comfort, safety, and security that a hug provides. Your kids are precious, and should never be taken for granted. Express your love with hugs.

Hugging is instinctive, and almost universal among mammals. Research has proven that everyone needs a hug. We should hug our kids at least once or twice each and every day. You will find that not only is a hug good for your kids, it's also good for you.

A hug is a way to say everything is, or will be okay.

Hugs are good in so many ways. In a simple physical way, it expresses love, comfort, security, caring, sympathy in times of sadness, and so much more. It is a natural stress reliever.

While this may be Hug Your Kids Day, it is certainly fine to hug others in your life today. They will feel better for it, and so will you!

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The Origin of Global Hug Your Kids Day:

Global Hug Your Kids Day was created by Michelle Nicholes in honor of her son Mark, who died in 1998 from brain cancer at 8 1/2 years old. She started this day a couple years later, but we are not sure of the exact year.


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