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World Bartender Day

world, bartender, day

Date When Celebrated : Always February 24

Cheers to the bartenders of the world today, for it is World Bartender Day. Today is a day to celebrate the bar tending craft, and to give recognition and appreciation to the men and women behind the counters at bars, pubs, breweries and wineries that we frequent.

Tending bar is among the world's oldest professions, and a very important one at that. You trust your local barkeep to fix your drink to your liking, and in a timely manner. In addition to perfectly preparing and serving drinks, a bartender is often a part-time psychologist of sorts. Bartenders are excellent listeners. Many a patron has unloaded their problems or sought advice, while cozied up to the bar with a drink in hand. Patrons have confessed up things they wouldn't tell their spouse, closet friend, doctor, and even perhaps their church priest.

There are all types of bartenders. A bartender can be a professional or non-professional. Tending bar is a skill position. The real professionals attend Bartender's school for a formal education. They know by heart, how to mix hundreds of drinks. You yourself may have been a casual type of bartender without even knowing it. If you've ever mixed and served drinks behind a counter at a church or club function, at small parties, or even in your own home, you've been a bartender.

Famous Bartenders: Perhaps the most memorable bartenders were Sam (Ted Danson) and the lovable "Coach" (Nicholas Colasanto) on the television sitcom "Cheers".

How to Celebrate World Tending bar Day:

  • Patronize your local bar, pub, brewery or winery.
  • Give your bartender a warm smile and a hearty thank you.
  • Give a generous tip.
  • Become a bartender yourself.

Similar Special Event:: There is a Bartender Appreciation Day on December 6 in Europe.

Origin of World Bartender Day

world, bartenders, day, holiday

Our research did not uncover any information about the creator of this day or when it started. It appears to have begun no earlier than 2010.

Flower of the Day: Larkspur

Recipe of the Day: Taco Dip

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