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National Suckling Pig Day

Date When Celebarated : Always December 18

National Suckling Pig Day is a mid-December day enjoy and remember. While everyone is running around, frantically preparing for the holidays, mom or grandma is busy in the kitchen. She has taken a break from the hubbub to cook a fancy meal.... a roasted suckling pig. As you read this, how many of you thought to yourselves.... "Yeah, right... fat chance that will happen."

In case you didn't know....  a "Suckling Pig", also called "Sucking Pig", is a young piglet that has not yet been weaned from it's mother.

If you are too busy to roast a pig today, take a well deserved break. Go out to a local restaurant and order a roasted suckling pig dinner. It's quicker and easier!

Have a happy National Suckling Pig Day!!!

Origin of National Suckling Pig Day:

We found absolutely no factual information on National Suckling Pig Day. We speculate that a family or corporate holiday party just in advance of Christmas, was the origin of this special day.

There was some reference to this as a "National Day". This author can not imagine congress authorizing this as a national day. Can you!? Most food related holidays are called "National". However, we found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Recipe of the Day:

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