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National Mountain Climbing Day

national, mountain, climbing, day, hiking, adirondacks

Date When Celebrated : Always August 1 st

Everyone should climb a mountain at least once in their lives. It is an exhilarating experience, with a huge reward at the peak… a big sense of accomplishment for reaching new heights. Fresh air and magnificent scenery, only adds to the joy of climbing a mountain to the summit. You might climb just one mountain, and attain pride and bragging rights to family and friends. Or, you might find the experience so rewarding, that mountain climbing becomes a new hobby, as you seek the challenge of conquering one peak after another.

National Mountain Climbing Day was established in honor of this author’s son, Bobby Matthews, and his friend Josh Madigan, for successfully climbing the 46 High Peaks of New Your State’s Adirondack Mountains. These two young men, climbed the 46th peak, Whiteface Mountain, on August 1, 2015. They were formally inducted into the Adirondack 46er Club in May, 2016.

mountain, climbing, day, adirondak, mountains, 46er

Mountain climbing is a challenging hike. On occasion, a difficult climb may require using both your arms and legs on a steep portion of the climb. Rappelling a mountain, like you see when adventurers.climb Mount Everest, is not part of the climb. Depending upon the size and difficulty,  your first climb on an easy mountain, will only take a couple of hours.

Can you climb a mountain? Sure you can! Young children under 10 years old, and senior citizens over eighty have climbed mountains. Josh Madigan says “It’s more stamina and mental, than strength.” So, there’s no reason you cannot climb a mountain.

Bobby and Josh offer their toughest challenges:

  • Hiking down a mountain without a boot. Josh’s boot was of poor quality and literally fell apart.

  • Bobby reflected upon a May 12th hike, when they came upon unexpected knee-deep snow. Without snowshoes, the hike was almost impossible to accomplish. But, they made it.

  • Bobby and Josh both say forecasting the weather prior to a trip is very important, and can be difficult. Most of all, you need to avoid thunderstorms near the peak.

If you can, go climb your first mountain today. Need time to plan? That’s okay. Use today to make a goal and  aplan to climb your first mountain. Then, go out and climb it. Ps. Don’t forget your camera.

national, mountain, climbing, day, hiking

Word of Wisdom for Mountain Climbing:

  • Stay on the Trail.

  • As you get close, even though you may not see it, you will get to the top.

  • Bring plenty of water in your back pack.

  • Bring high energy bars on long hikes.

  • There is no shame in turning around, especially if the weather gets bad, or you are injured.

  • Wear good quality hiking boots, no sneakers .

  • If you get lost, re-trace your steps.

  • Plan your hike. Study trail maps. Most can be found online.

Origin of National Mountain Climbing Day:

National Mountain Climbing Day was established in 2016 by Bob Matthews, from Rochester,NY. Bob is the creator and author of HolidayInsights.com

August 1st is a perfect time for this holiday and to climb your first mountain. It is the middle of the summer season, and the weather is most likely to be good.

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