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Campfire Day and Night

campfire, day, night, camp, fire

Date When Celebrated : First Saturday in August

The first Saturday in August is forever proclaimed to be Campfire Day and Night! Why, day and night, you might ask? It's simply because a campfire can and should be enjoyed any time, any day or night.

Most people start a campfire at or near dusk, to enjoy its warmth and light late into the evening, or even early morning hours. A campfire can be equally enjoyable, without the mosquitos, during daylight hours. To properly enjoy Campfire Day and Night, start your campfire around 4:00 in the afternoon. Keep it going late into the evening.   

This is a very special time to enjoy the relaxing calm and peacefulness of a campfire with family or friends. It can be enjoyed in your backyard, at a camp out, by the shore, or just about anywhere that you can build a fire on the ground, or in a firepit. 

 Campfire Day is designated to be celebrated on the first Saturday in August for a couple of reasons. It is celebrated on a Saturday, as most people are off work, and don't have to work the next day. So, they can stay up late to really enjoy the fire. Early August was selected, as sunset is already beginning to be noticeably earlier. And, children in some states, will soon go back to school. We want the kids to enjoy  and cherish the memories of a summer campfire, too.

Enhance the Campfire Experience:

  • Cook dinner over the campfire. Hot dogs and foil dinners are real hits.

  • Make campfire cooked apples.

  • Cook toasted marshmallows and/or S'mores.

  • Got kids? Teach them how to build and manage fires safely.

  • Plan some campfire stories

  • Sing a few campfire songs.

Have a safe and happy Campfire Day and Night!

Origin of Campfire Day:

campfire, day, origin

This very special day and night was created in 2017 by Bob Matthews of Rochester N.Y., and author of  Holiday Insights.com. In researching special holidays for over a dozen years, Bob was simply amazed that no one had created a special day to celebrate and appreciate campfires.

According to Bob Matthews, the creator, this special holiday IS NOT a "National" day.

Flower of the Day: Queen Anne's Lace

Recipe of the Day: Garden Stuffed Baked Potato

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