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World Rat Day

world, rat, day, fancy, rats

Date When Celebrated : Always April 4

Today is World Rat Day, a day to honor, celebrate and promote pet rats Pet rats are also called "Fancy Rats". This World Rat Day holiday may seem as bizarre and unique as they come. But, it is no joke. There are plenty of people around the world, called "rat fanciers",  who love and care for rats as a pet.

In researching this special day, we found many adjectives to describe the fancy pet rat. They include: clean, dear, devoted, gentle, sweet,  wonderful, intelligent, and lovable. Can you think of any other adjectives to describe them!? 

Most famous rat quote: "You dirty rat", James Cagney

Rat fanciers celebrate this special day in a variety of ways. They hold Rat Day parties and rat fests, give gifts and special treats to their furry friends, and promote pet rats.

Be kind to your furry friend today, and celebrate World Rat Day in a big way. If you don't, rat fanciers may consider you to be nothing more than a "big rat".

Origin of "World Rat Day":

world, rat, day, fanciers

World Rat Day was created in 2002 by James Kitlock and Robyn Arthur. They felt the need to have a holiday to give recognition to the fancy rat. They even created a Rat Day logo (above),  that they generously share with the world.

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