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World Art Day

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Date When Celebrated: Always April 15

World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts. Sponsored by the International Association of Arts (IAA), the goal of this day, is to appreciate art in general, and to spread world-wide enthusiasm and awareness for the arts.

There are many easy and enjoyable ways to celebrate World Art Day. Here are just a few ideas:

  • First and foremost, as individuals or in groups, visit museums and art galleries.
  • Museums and art galleries - offer extended hours today.
  • Museums and art galleries - put on special demos and educational programs.
  • Get the kids involved. Teach them about the different forms of art. Provide them with a hands-on way to experience the creation of artwork.
  • Purchase a piece of artwork for your home or office.
  • Wherever you go, make a conscious effort to be on the lookout for artwork. You will be amazed at how many works of art are prominently displayed, yet you walk by it everyday without noticing.
  • Help to support a "starving artist".

Origin of "World Art Day":

This special day was created in 2011, at the General Assembly of the International Association of Art in Guadalajara, Mexico. This special day was proposed by delegates from Turkey.

The date of April 15, was  selected for World Art day, as this is the birthday of Leonardo DaVinci.

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