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Read a Road Map Day


Date When Celebrated: Always April 5


Thinking about going on a road trip? Why not dust off those old paper road maps and plot a course to get away!?

Nowadays we use a GPS to go from point A to point B. It has all but completely outmoded the old paper road maps we relied on. Our GPS has also taken a bite out of the popularity of online road maps like Mapquest.

Paper maps and online travel maps are not totally obsolete. They still have a useful function, or they would not exist. You can find paper maps through state and local travel bureaus, state and local visitor centers, and at many rest stops along major highways.  


Read a Road Map Day encourages us to take a step back in time perhaps, and discover the value that road maps still have. Our GPS gets us to our destination in the quickest and shortest manner. But, is your trip about the destination or the journey? Road maps can help us to identify and plot routes that makes the journey a really pleasant experience. There is so much to discover along the way. You can identify small and interesting towns or historic sites along the way that are passed by on today’s superhighways.  

As we researched Read a Road Map Day, it became blatantly obvious that something was missing. If you are looking at a road map it’s likely because you are contemplating a trip. It only makes sense then, that there should be a “Take a Road Trip Day”.  Surprisingly, there was no such special day. So, we created it! See Take a Road Trip Day.


Origin of Read a Road Map Day


Our research did not find the creator of this special day, or when it first began.

There was an occasional reference to this as a “national” day. However, there is no presidential proclamation or act of congress. We have found a few websites appear to be adding the “national” tag to some special days that are not a true national day.


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