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Holiday Fun and Holiday Trivia

What’s a holiday if you can’t have a little, or a lot, of fun!? Here’s our growing collection of holiday fun stuff and holiday trivia. Note: Some links will take you off to other sites… please come back!

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Holiday Fun and Trivia

American Flag – Etiquette, Facts, and Trivia

Beer Trivia for National Beer Day and International Beer Day

Birthday Party Games

Chocolate Trivia – Enjoy it on any type of chocolate holiday. There are several.

Groundhog Day Trivia – Impress your friends with your knowledge of groundhogs and Groundhog’s Day

Panda Mania – pages and pages of panda bear facts and fun. Use it for any bear-related holiday.

Pumpkin Trivia – be in the know

Romance Math – Does it add up?

The Declaration of Pumpkindependence – Fourth of July Fun

The Legend of Stingy Jack – a fun Halloween story

The Pumpkinsburg Address – For Abe Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day. Abe Lincoln would be proud.

Top 10 Signs You’ve Gone Over the Garden’s Edge – for any and all garden-related holidays.

Top Ten Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Valentine’s Day Trivia and Facts  – history and fun facts behind this lovely day.


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“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” – – LIly Tomlin

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