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Child Care Provider Day

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About Child Care Provider Day

When is Child Care Provider Day? This holiday is celebrated on the Friday before Mother's Day

Working parents entrust the safety and early development of their children to the many people who work at childcare and daycare facilities. So, it is only right that we celebrate those dedicated personnel with a holiday to give them recognition. And that day is today, Child Care Provider Day. It is also referred to as Daycare Provider Day.

Child Care provider is more inclusive, so most prefer to call it that. Either way you call it, this day gives recognition and appreciation to the millions of people involved with providing care to children of working families. Child care providers have the health and safety of our children in their hands. They spend many hours with your child, teaching them educational, social, and behavioral skills. In some cases, childcare providers spend more waking time with your child than you do!

If you are a childcare provider, we thank you for all that you do for our children.

How to Celebrate Child Care Provider Day

Use today to let your childcare providers know how much they are appreciated.

  • Give them a card, and a big thank you.
  • Small gifts are acceptable, but not a requirement.
  • If you like your childcare provider, the best way of thanking them is to give them referrals.

Today's Quote

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – – Robin Williams

History and Origin of Child Care Provider Day

Child Care Provider Day was created in 1996, by a group of volunteers in New Jersey. They recognized the need to show appreciation to child care and daycare providers for the important role they play in our children’s lives.

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