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That Sucks Day

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When is That Sucks Day? This holiday is always observed on April 15

Today is That Sucks Day. This April 15 holiday is a celebration of all that sucks in our lives, and in the world. And, let’s face it, a lot of things stink. Events, the weather, unpleasant things you need to do, and many things spoken aloud really suck.

We’ve all had bad days, unpleasant events, bad situations, and relationships that suck. It’s a reality of life. This special day gives well-deserved recognition of the fact that a lot of experiences in our lives suck. And, it can happen frequently.

Bruce Novotny, the creator of this day, established this day to be celebrated on April 15th, as there are several major events in history that suck… on this date. They include tax day, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the sinking of the Titanic.

We hope that this day does not suck for you. You can always use today to recognize other things that suck.

How to Participate in That Sucks Day

Celebrate this day in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Admit it when you say fr od something that really sucks.
  • Look for things that suck.
  • If you see something that sucks, take steps to improve or change it.

Today's Chuckle

Maybe if we start telling people their brain is an App, they’ll start using it.

History and Origin of That Sucks Day

This holiday was created by Bruce Novotny from Bandon, Oregon. His website speaks to everything that sucks. See: One might say that his website….. sucks. Actually, it’s a humorous website. It’s just the content that sucks. Thanks, Bruce, for such a sucky website!

Some internet websites have added the word “National” to the title. This is incorrect, as the creator of this day specifically calls it That Sucks Day on his website. There are no congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish true National days.

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