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Buy Nothing Day

Date When Celebrated : Day after Thanksgiving

Are you tired of the commercialism of Christmas? Then, this special day is for you. Buy Nothing Day is actually a 2 day, 48 hour moratorium on holiday shopping. It was created as a protest against the commercialism of this most sacred of holidays. According to Adbusters Media Foundation, this holiday is a "celebration of simplicity about getting our runaway consumer cultureback onto a sustainable path."

Aside from abstaining from shopping on this day, we suggest you reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas. Take a minute to remember what this season is really all about.

Is Buy Nothing Day effective? Do people abstain from buying things on this day? Well, there is a reason why the day after Thanksgiving is also  called Black Friday.


Thought for Today: " Whoever said money can not buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." - - Gertrude Stein

History and Origin of Buy Nothing Day:

The brainchild of Ted Dave from Vancouver  Canada, this special day is promoted by a group called "Adbusters". It was first celebrated in 1992.

This holiday is celebrated in Canada, the United States, and some European countries.

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