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Christmas Trees - Tradition and Meaning

A Little History: The origin of using Christmas trees has it's roots in Germany during medieval times. It comes from the tradition of decorating an evergreen tree, called the "Paradise tree". Others believe the first Christmas tree was decorated by Martin Luther during the 1700's. The Germans brought the tradition of decorating the tree to America in the 1800's. The tradition spread rapidly in America, and around the world.

Types of Trees: There's short needles, long needles, varying shades of green and aarrgh...artificial. To most families, the whole process of selecting and decorating the tree, is steeped in tradition from start to finish. The traditional tree absolutely has to be the same kind that you have had year after year, generation after generation. However, if you are looking to change varieties, there is plenty of selection.

Selection and Care: If you're going out get a live tree, you are about to have a lot of fun. There are a few things you should know as you head out in search of the "perfect tree". Christmas trees aren't cheap. And, they can dry out quickly. Making sure the tree is healthy and fresh is job one. Getting one with a straight trunk is pretty important, too. Then, when you get it home and in the room, your tree needs a little care and attention, to help it to stay fresh all holiday season. Selection and Care of your Christmas tree.

Flowers of Christmas

Poinsettia- Legend has it that a poor, young girl in Mexico was on her way to Christmas eve mass. She had nothing to bring to the Christ child. So, she picked some green plants along the side of the road. When she arrived at the church, the plants had burst into beautiful red blooms. You guessed it, she was carrying Poinsettias. In the 1800s, U.S.Ambassador Joel Roberts Poinsett, brought the plants back with him to the U.S. He gave the plants, which would come to be named after him, as a gift to family and friends.

Christmas Cactus got it's name as it's tiny red flower opens up just in time for Christmas. Many people grow them as indoor houseplants. They like the dry air of your home in the winter. They also are popular Christmas gifts.

Mistletoe- Dating back to ancient history, Mistletoe is a sign of peace, goodwill and love. Current tradition is for a young lady to stand under the mistletoe awaiting her lover's kiss. Heaven help the young beau that does not take a hint. Want to harvest some Mistletoe? Then, get out your shotgun!

Holly is a tree or shrub with prickly green leaves and red berries. It's green and red colors are the colors of the season. It is attractive and used in a wide variety of decorations.

Christmas gifts for gardeners.
Germination mats, seeds, starter supplies, composters, greenhouses, more.

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Cottage Playhouses

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