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International Red Panda Day

international red panda bear day

Date When celebrated : Third Saturday in September

The Giant Panda, that cute and adorable black and white bear gets its share of attention. We are happy that its cousin, the Red Panda also receives its very own special day of recognition and appreciation….today!

Also known as the Lesser Panda, Red Pandas are native to to China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Tibet. Their diet is primarily bamboo, but they also eat fruits, grasses, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, insects and grubs. They are commonly referred to as "cousins" to the Giant Panda Bear. Genetically, they are not related at all. As a matter of fact, they are in a class all by themselves. They are the only members of the "Ailuridae" family. Like the Giant Panda Bear, the Red Panda is on the endangered species list. Poaching for their hide and loss of habitat are the major threats to the red panda.

Did You Know? There are over 300 species of bamboos, the favorite food of red panda bears.

The Red Panda Network is the major international promoter of red panda bears and this special day. Their goals are to expose illegal poaching of red pandas, identifying the supply chain to the black market for their hides. They also seek to educate the public to this illegal trade and the threats to their habitat.

The Red Panda Network also offers the title "Red Panda Ranger" to kids who spread the word about red pandas and their plight.

In addition to helping save the red panda, we encourage you to visit one of over 60 zoos world wide, that have a resident red panda.

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Origin of International Red Panda Day

The Red Panda Network is a big promoter of the red panda bear, and International Red Panda Day. While there website does not come right out and state it, we believe they are the originators of this special event.

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