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National Handshake Day

Date When Celebrated  : This holiday is always observed the last Thursday in June

Today is National Handshake Day. It celebrates the handshake in all of its forms, as a way of greeting, and in business where professionals around the world, "seal the deal" with a handshake, prior to putting the agreement into writing.


People have been shaking hands for thousands of years. A form of shaking hands dates back to at least 5,000  B.C. Roman soldiers and medieval knights would shake hands, to check the forearms of their opponents for daggers and other hidden weapons. Handshakes are used around the world upon meeting or greeting someone. It is a universal sign of friendship. There are countless examples of the use of a warm handshake to disarm wary adversaries or end feuds and battles. Native Americans incorporate the handshake in "blood brother" rituals. 


All Kinds of Handshakes

Is there a right way or a wrong way to shake hands? We will stay out of this debate. But, we will admit there certainly is a wide variety of handshaking styles.

In Western culture, a strong, firm handshake is the most common. In business, the professional  handshake consists of one to two pumps, with a firm, hard grip.  It generally indicates a strong, positive, successful and determined individual. In a variation of this, the "military" handshake is quite similar, adding a vice grip like squeeze displaying the strength of the individual. Outside of business, a handshake with the ladies is usually quite light and almost dainty. With that said, a woman in business, may well pride herself in a strong, firm shake of the hand. Other hand shake variations include the "wild pump", with fast and excessive shaking  of hands. And, lets not forget the wimpy or fishy shake. Not all cultures prefer the firm handshake. For example, in Asian culture, a light handshake is the norm.

Clubs and societies have historically had their "secret" handshakes consisting of any number of twists and moves in contact with open or closed hands, elbow or forearm contacts. When it comes to secret handshakes, kids are very creative.


Modern Hand Shakes? More recent times have brought newer forms of handshakes, or ways of greeting. They include high fives, low fives and the fairly recent "fist bumps". At the advent of COVID-19 Coronavirus in early 2020, the "elbow bump" substituted for handshakes or other forms of greeting to minimize physical contact and the spread of the disease.

Today's Quote: " There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." - - Thomas Aquinas

The History and Origin of National Handshake Day:

This special holiday was created by Miryam Roddy of Brody Professional Development in Jenkintown, PA. This holiday was created around 2005.


Definition of "National" Days - and why it so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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