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Herb and Spices Day

basil, herb, herbs, spices, day

Date When Celebrated : Always June 10

Today is a spicy holiday, if there ever was one.

Do you enjoy eating? We all do. The basic ingredients in many recipes can be pretty bland. It's the herbs and spices in those recipes, that enhances and brings out the flavor. Herbs and spices are so important to the enjoyment of food, that it is only fitting that one day of the year is designated as Herb and Spices Day.

From salt and pepper, to basil, oregano, and cinnamon, we use herbs and spices to create culinary wonders. On a low salt diet!? No problem. There are dozens upon dozens of herbs and spices that you can substitute, to thoroughly enjoy your meal without a lot of salt.

Medicinal Value of Herbs: Since ancient times, herbs have been used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. They have been used to treat countless ailments, from bad breath and skin ailments, to treatments for cancer, stomach disorders and diabetes. Many of these uses are effective, and others not so successful. We do know that garlic, will certainly keep vampires away!

It's easy to celebrate Herbs and Spices Day:

The Origin of Herb and Spices Day:

This special day has only been around since about 2015. There is little written about it, and the creator of this special day is unknown.

While this day is relatively unknown, we feel the importance of herbs and spices in the kitchen, as well as for medicinal purposes, warrants this special day

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