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Global Wind Day

global, wind, day

Date When Celebrated : June 15

Wind power is beginning to reshape the energy scene. It is a clean, renewable, carbonless energy source. Hardly, the source of a watt of energy a few decades ago, new windmills are going up every day in some part of the world. Over $100 Billion was invested in wind energy in 2014 alone!

Global Wind Day is intended to help us discover wind and its' power. Participating in this day is a breeze! Organizers hold open houses at wind farms, sponsor events and educational programs, to help us to better understand the value of wind energy.

We encourage you to participate in this special day in some way. Importantly, make some effort to support the development and installation of wind energy in your community.

Happy Global Wind Day!

The Origin of Global Wind Day:

Global Wind Day originated in 2007, as "Wind Day". Spreading the word about the importance of clean wind energy quickly grew, and the popularity of this day spread around the world. It did not take long to become Global Wind Day.

This special day was created by European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). It is also supported by the Global Wind COuncil and other organizations.


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