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Which Witch? You Make the Call

Are witches the evil, sinister beings of Halloween fiction? Or, are they the friendly, docile creatures of an ancient pagan religion? There is emotion on both side of the issue. One thing is certain...there are no cats sitting on the fence of this issue. Everyone has on opinion, if not belief, of which witch is "witch".

Witches gather together on two days of the year: The first is on April 30, the Eve of May Day. The second is on October 31st. They arrive on their broomsticks (of course!)  and attend a party. The party is hosted by none other than the Devil himself!

Did you Know? Witches can change into black cats and back.

Early Settlers brought the belief in evil, spell-casting witches to America. In early American history, many women were accused of being witches and practicing witchcraft. Many were convicted and burned at the stake for their "crimes".

A Good Witch or a Bad Witch :

The Witches of Halloween - Here's the scoop on those often funny, and sometimes scary Halloween spell makers.

The Wiccan Witches - They are normal human beings like you and me. They believe in an ancient pagan religion.

Today's Witchcraft: In ancient times, when people cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today, it's called golf.

Vote for your Witch! Click below to send an email voting for which witch you believe is real. Yes, you can send comments. And, yes, we may opt to use some of them on site. (Use is strictly our option.) Vote for only one.

The Current Results See the latest stats and reader comments.

Besides holidays, witches also celebrate other holidays. Find A list of Holidays for Witches.

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